Puretec water filters, water purifiers and reverse osmosis systems

The best range for water filtration,
 pure and simple.

We can show you more options and choice, priced for your budget. First, start with these simple steps:

Think about brand and quality

Use standard Australian sizes (5", 10" or 20")

Ensure the housing & cartridge will provide sufficient water flow- we recommend 15 litres/min as a minimum rating

Ensure the housing is appropriate for proposed task

Select a cartridge based on your filtration requirements

We recommend and supply the Puretec range of filtration system. Puretec is an Australian company with a reputation for quality.

The Puretec Filtaselect table (76kB PDF) provides guidance on appropriate filter housings and filter cartridges.

 NEW - Filter Jugs with built in Cartridge Replacement Timer

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Filter Jugs & Gravity Purifiers
UV Water Treatment Systems
Whole of House Filtration Systems (WH & EM)
Undersink Drinking Water Systems (TS, X3,X4,X6,X7)
Quick-Twist Drinking Water Systems (QT)
Mixer Tap Filtration System (X6)
Caravan and RV Filter Systems
Counter Top Drinking Water Systems (CT)
Reverse Osmosis Drinking water Systems (RO,PRO)
Water Treatment Chemicals
Filter Housings (FP, LC, MP, HT, SS)
Sediment Filter Cartidges (PL, PX & WD)
Carbon Filter Cartridges (CB,DP,GC,IC,MC)
Ceramic Cartridges
Shower Filter Systems (SF)
Scale Control Cartridges (SC)
Fluoride Reduction cartridges
Reverse Osmosis Membrane Elements (RET)
InLine Water Filters Cartriges (IL)
Resin Bonded sediment Carridges (RB)
Wound Sediment Cartridges (WD)
Washable Screen Filters (WS)
Resin Media Cartridges (RM Series)
Bag Filters and Replacement Bags
MultiCartridge Housing UFC Series
UV Water Treatment Systems Replacement Parts
Aftermarket Compatable Cartridges
Media Replacement Kits
Iron Removal Systems
Filtaflo (Puretec Basic Series)
Parts & Accessories

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