Water Tanks - Canberra

We deliver water tanks all over Canberra for just $16 delivery cost, now that´s value. What´s more, we have the sizes, the shapes and the water tank range to suit your needs. Add on the extras to go with your tank too - like water pipes and pumps. Irrigation Store has Canberra covered!

Bladder Water Tanks

Irrigation Store Bladder Water Tanks are ideal for use under houses and verandahs, particularly for the hilly Canberra suburbs where many houses have large under floor spaces. They are made to order so they can be customised to your requirements. We can make large water bladders up to 200,000 litres.

bladder tank image

Aquaplate Water Tanks

MPH Aquaplate Water Tanks are a traditional corrugated style steel tank made from Bluescope AQUAPLATE® polymer-coated steel. They are available in Canberra as both round and slimline tanks and are idea for bushfire prone areas as they will not catch fire or melt.

With over 5000 slimline tank shapes and 700 round tank sizes we have most situations covered. Use our calculator to find the volume and price of the tank that suits your spot.

aquaplate tank image

Canberra ACT Rain Water Tank Information

When considering installing a rain water tank in Canberra you need to take into consideration Canberra's rainfall. The Bureau of Meteorology Australia Climate Statistics for Canberra provides a good source of information on Canberra's rainfall and climate information. There are also rebates for the installation of rain water tanks in Canberra. Canberra Water Rain Water Tank Rebate webpage contains information on how to obtain these rebates for installing a rain water tank.