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Poly Water Tanks
Slimline, Round, Tall & Squat Tanks

Irrigation Store can supply a range of Poly Water Tanks including Slimline, Round, Tall and Squat tanks to customers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Country Victoria.

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Aquaplate Water Tank

Aquaplate Water Tanks are a traditional corrugated style steel water tank made from Bluescope AQUAPLATE® polymer-coated steel. They are available as both round and slimline tanks and are idea for bushfire prone areas as they will not catch fire or melt.

We can supply Aquaplate Water Tanks to customers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide also also major centres around these cities.

With over 5000 slimline tank shapes and 700 round tank sizes we have most situations covered. Use our calculator to find the volume and price of the tank that suits your spot.

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All Irrigation Store Tanks are dispatched within 2-6 weeks of order.

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