Water Conditioners

delta water conditioner clamp-on and flanged imageWater Conditioners can be used to:

  • prevent and remove iron and scale buildup in:
    - pipes, fittings and sprinklers
    - driplines and drip emitters
    - hot water systems and evaporative air conditioners
    - dish washers, kettles, sinks and bathes;
  • reduce the impact of high salinity water on crops and soil;
  • eliminate and prevent the 'iron brown' colour from spas and swimming pools;
  • reduce water hardness - improved sudsing of soaps, detergents and shampoos;
  • prevent and eliminate algae growth in hydroponics, drip systems, tanks and water troughs; and
  • improve crop performance through better water usage.

Delta Water Conditioners

Some of the benefits of the Delta Water Conditioners are:

  • zero ongoing cost;
  • chemical free;
  • easy installation;
  • service life in excess of 25 years;
  • 120 day money back satisfaction guarentee;

To assist us to determine whether a Delta Water Conditioner will assist you, could you please email or fax 02 6100 9271 us the following information:

  • Current water analysis report (we can assist with this if you do not have it).
  • What sort of water (ie bore or dam) ?
  • What will you be using it for (eg garden, stock, type of crop, house, drinking) ?
  • What sort of problems have you had with the water ?

More information on Delta Water Conditioners can be found on the Delta Water Website.

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