Threaded Irrigation Fittings

From poly to brass, check out our range of pipe fittings

Not sure what sort of threaded pipe fitting you need? Hereís a quick rundown of the 4 most popular types:

  • Poly fittings - commonly in low pressure irrigation systems. Itís a relatively soft material.
  • Nyglass fittings - manufactured from (UV Stabilised, Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon) for superior strength with resistance from weather, termite fungi and bacteria.
  • Galvanised fittings - very strong and tough.
  • Brass fittings - used in plumbing jobs .

Threaded pipe fittings are listed in metric (mm) sizes, but they are the same as equivalent imperial (inch) sized fittings, eg 1/8"=6mm, 1/4"=8mm, 3/8"=10mm, 1/2"=15mm, 3/4"=20mm, 1"=25mm, 1 1/4"=32mm, 1 1/2"=40mm.

Tip: Canít see what you want? Click on the links for other types of fittings: Rural & Metric Pipe Fittings, Barbed Poly Pipe Fittings and 4mm Micro Irrigation Fittings.

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Hansen Nyglass Threaded Nipple
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Reducing Nipple
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Socket
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Reducing Socket
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Elbow
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Elbows Male/Female
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Tee
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Nyglass Bush
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Cap
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Plug
Hansen Nyglass Hose Tail - Male Thread to Barb
Hansen Nyglass Nut and Hose Tail - Female Thread to Barb
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Tank Inlet (Bulkhead fitting)
Nuts and Washers for Tank Inlet Fittings
Hansen Nyglass Barbed Tank Outlet
Nuts & Washers for Tank Outlet Fittings
Hansen Nyglass Threaded Barrel Unions
Poly Female/Male Reducining Adaptors
Galvanised Threaded Hex Nipple
Galvanised Threaded Reducing Hex Nipple
Galvanised Threaded Socket
Galvanised Threaded Reducing Socket
Galvanised Threaded Bends
Galvanised Threaded Elbow
Galvanised Threaded Tee
Galvanised Threaded Cross
Galvanised Threaded Reducing Bush
Galvanised Threaded Caps
Galvanised Threaded Cross
Galvanised Threaded Flange Undrilled
Galvanised Barrell Union
Brass Threaded Nipple
Brass Threaded Reducing Nipple
Brass Threaded Elbow
Brass Threaded Tee
Brass FF Socket
Brass Threaded Cap
Brass Nut & Tail
Brass Male Hose Tails (Lump Ends)
Brass Threaded Reducing Bush
Brass Tank Outlet Fitting
Poly Threaded Female/Male Adaptors
Threaded HD Poly Socket
Teflon Thread Tape
Poly Threaded Elbow Male/Female

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