Irrigation Risers

Poly, PVC and galvanised steel risers - we can rise to your irrigation challenge

To connect irrigation risers to poly pipe you can use the following:
Pipe End: Barbed x Threaded Elbow Female
Mid Pipe: Barbed x Threaded Tee Female.

We also have 4mm irrigation risers.

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Poly Riser Removal Tools
Poly Riser 15mm
Poly Riser 20mm
Poly Riser 25mm
Poly Riser 32mm
Poly Riser 40mm
Poly Riser 50mm
Poly All Thread Pipe
Poly Risers 20mm Male 15mm Female
Poly Risers 25mm Male 20mm Female
Grey PVC Risers
Galvanised Riser 15mm
Galvanised Riser 20mm
Galvanised Riser 25mm
Galvanised Riser 32mm
Galvanised Riser 50mm
Articulated Risers
Sprinkler Risers
Olson Ez-El
Stainless Steel Risers
Flanged Galvanised Threaded Risers
4mm Riser Tube and 4mm Spaghetti Poly Pipe
Riser Stakes

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