Rain, Wind and Moisture Sensors

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Irritrol Wireless Rain Sensor $147.14 Add to cart
Hunter Wireless Rain Sensor $129.60 $209.00 Add to cart
Orbit Rain Sensor $42.43 $61.60 Add to cart
Hunter "Rain Click" Instant Shut Off Rain Sensor $45.06 $92.40 Add to cart
Hunter mini-clik Rain Sensor $47.60 $92.40 Add to cart
Hunter Freeze Clik Sensor $80.61 $123.53 Add to cart
Hunter Wind Clik Sensor $253.37 $388.30 Add to cart
Hunter ET Sensor Platform & Controller Interface $806.76 $1,236.40 Add to cart
Anemometer (Wind Speed Sensor) for Hunter ET-System $899.70 $1,378.85 Add to cart
Rainbird RSD Series Rain Sensor $49.00 $61.45 Add to cart
WR2 Rainbird Wireless Rain Sensor $141.11 $176.95 Add to cart
Watermark WEM Moisture Sensor Kit $368.97 $535.70 Add to cart
WaterMark WEM Moisture Sensor Probes $69.71 $101.20 Add to cart
Hunter "Flow Clik" Flow Sensor Module & Control Interface (requires Sensor Body) $537.24 $823.35 Add to cart
Sensor Body Glues into 50mm PVC Pipe $165.45 $253.55 Add to cart
Hunter Solar Syc Kit, (Module and Sensor for PRO3 series, ICC)) $192.73 $341.99 Add to cart
Hunter Wireless Solar Syc Kit, (Module and Sensor for PRO3 C, ICC)) $355.00 $574.75 Add to cart
Hunter Solar Sync Sensor (Suits ACC, PRO4, X-Core) $150.01 $220.77 Add to cart
Hunter Wireless Solar Sync Sensor (Suits ACC, X-Core) $271.31 $396.00 Add to cart
Hunter Acc-Sync Fixed Pressure Regulator 138kPa (20psi) $93.46 $180.29 Add to cart
Toro Wired Rain Sensor $40.88 $62.65 Add to cart
Optional gutter Mount for Hunter Rain Sensors $4.40 $5.08 Add to cart
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