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Water pumps and systems can be confusing, but we’re here to help you. For a pump system to connect your water tank to a toilet or laundry, then look at the Mains Water Backup Pump System.

We have a large electric water pump systems for domestic and rural irrigation from the leading manufacturers including: Grundfos Pumps, Davey Pumps and Lowarra Pumps. If you are able to work out what you require, simply order directly from our site.

If you need a large scale system or would like assistance, call 02 6062 3344 or send an email to sales@irrigationstore.com.au. Tip: here are some useful questions to think about so we can match your needs.

  • Basic description of what you want to do (i.e. garden irrigation, mine dust suppression, water evaporation)
  • Fluid being pumped (i.e. irrigation water - low sediment)
  • How far from source to pump (i.e. horizontal distance)
  • How far below the water pump is the source (vertical suction required)
  • How far from pump to the discharge point (horizontal distance)
  • How far above the pump is the discharge point (vertical distance)
  • Water flow and pressure require at discharge point (eg 150 l/min @50psi or run 5PGPs)
  • Size, length and location of any existing piping that you plan to use in the new system

Irrigation Store can also supply an extensive range of electric, diesel, petrol and gas water pumps from the following suppliers: Aussie, Bornemann, Corken, DAB, Dragflow, Goulds, Grindex, Grundfos, HMD, Johnson, KRAL, LaBour, Lowara, Pioneer, Pulsa, Sykes, Viking and Sandpiper.

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