PVC Pipe Fittings

All the styles, the sizes, the pipe fittings for a better result

What do you need? We have a great range of fittings to suit most sizes of PVC pipe.

Unless you read otherwise, the fittings below only fit Pressure PVC Pipe. These fittings do not fit Electrical Conduit PVC pipe or Drain Waste Vent PVC pipe.

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90mm Stormwater Fittings
Valve Adaptor PVC Cat 2
Faucet Adaptor PVC Cat 3
Reducing Bushes PVC Cat 5
Caps PVC Cat 6
Coupling PVC Cat 7
Reducing Coupling PVC Cat 8
Elbow 45 PVC Cat 10
Elbow 90 PVC Cat 13
Faucet Elbow PVC Cat 15
Valve Sockets PVC Cat 17
Faucet Socket PVC Cat 18
Tee PVC Cat 19 (end X end X Branch)
Faucet Tee PVC Cat 21 (end X end X THD branch)
Cross PVC
"Y" Piece PVC (WYE)
PVC Side Outlet Elbows
Slipfix Telescopic Coupling PVC
Compression Coupling PVC
Barrell Union Slip Port PVC
Primer PVC
Cement PVC Type P
Alprene Tapping Saddles for PVC Pipe (Polypropylene)

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