Drip irrigation and dripline systems

For efficiency in irrigation and to maximise water conservation,
garden with drip irrigation
TORO Driplines
NETAFIM Driplines

Toro Drip-Eze™ is a one piece in-line, 13mm brown coloured drip tube suited to a wide range of landscape applications.

Netafim Techline AS uses standard 13mm poly fittings and has pressure compensated** anti-siphon emitters embeded into the pipe.

Purple colour 13mm Toro Enviro-Drip is ideal for use with non potable treated water. It is marked clearly
"Caution Not For Drinking"
(complies with Australian Standard 3500.1).
This product is listed under Grey Water Dripline & Pipe
Netafim Techline AS Purple for reuse water applications uses standard 13mm fittings. It has pressure compensated** anti-siphon emitters embedded in the pipe.
This product is listed under Grey Water Dripline & Pipe

13mm Toro Drip-In offers Subsurface Drip Systems with Rootguard® for Residential, Commercial and Sports Turf Applications.
Rootguard® impedes roots from clogging the emitters.
Netafim Miniscape is not pressure compensated and uses special 6mm fittings (see Drip Line Fittings & Accessories).
**Pressure compensated means that the emitters/ pipe put out a consistant amount regardless of ground slope or length of run (see maxiumum run length recommendations on our drip irrigation page).
Toro Drip-Eze is undergoing a name change and will be called DripX™ in the future. For a period of time both the names Drip-Eze and DripX will be used.

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