Dosatron Dosing Pumps & Fertilizer Injectors

Dosatron RangeDosatron Proportional Dosing Pumps are designed for injecting chemicals accurately into water flows. They do not use the venturi approach so they are easy to install, operate and are very reliable. They also do not require power. They are ideal for injecting fertiliser into irrigation system and adding chemicals to dust suppression spray systems. The following PDF document provides assistance on the selection of the correct Dosatron Model.
Dosatron Selection Guide.pdf (52KB)

Installed directly in the water supply line, the Dosatron operates without electricity ; it uses the flow of water as the power source. The water activates the Dosatron, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate and injects it into the water. Inside the Dosatron, the concentrate is mixed with the water, and the water pressure forces the solution downstream. Once adjusted, the dispenser requires no action or external control . The dose of concentrate will be directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron, regardless of variations in flow and pressure which may occur in the main line. The high dosing precision eliminates all risks of overdosing, thus contributing to respecting the environment.

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Dosatron DI 1500 Injector (42LPM @ 0.07% - 0.2%, 586KPa) $1,599.29 $1,705.00 Add to cart
Dosatron DI 05 Injector (42LPM @ 0.2% - 0.5%, 586KPa) $1,975.82 $2,106.50 Add to cart
Dosatron D25RE2 Injector (42LPM @ 0.2% - 2%, 586KPa) - LIMITED STOCK CALL $1,228.92 $1,848.00 Add to cart
Dosatron D3RE2 Injector (50LPM @ 0.2% - 2%, 606KPa) $1,894.08 $2,848.23 Add to cart
Dosatron D3RE5 Injector $3,059.25 $4,600.37 Add to cart
Dosatron D3RE10 Injector (50LPM @ 1% - 10%, 606KPa) $1,686.30 $1,936.00 Add to cart
Dosatron DI 520 Injector (27LPM @ 5% - 20%, 393KPa) $2,693.00 $2,871.00 Add to cart
Dosatron D45 RE15 Injector (76LPM @ 0.2% - 1.5%, 482KPa) $1,738.59 $1,853.50 Add to cart
Dosatron D45 RE3 Injector (76LPM @ 0.5% - 3%, 482KPa) PVDF (White) body $2,460.92 $2,623.50 Add to cart
Dosatron D45 RE8 Injector (76LPM @ 3% - 8%, 482KPa) PVDF (White) body $2,719.64 $2,898.50 Add to cart
Dosatron D8R Injector (151LPM @ 0.2% - 2%, 759KPa) $2,512.44 $2,678.50 Add to cart
Dosatron D8R 150 Injector (151LPM @ 1% - 5%, 759KPa) $3,353.35 $3,575.00 Add to cart
Dosatron D20S Injector (379LPM @ 0.2% - 2%, 872KPa) $4,937.17 $5,263.50 Add to cart
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