Backflow Prevention Valves & Domestic Connection Kits

The backflow of potentially contaminated water from your irrigation system into the potable water supply is an avoidable hazard. Don't let this preventable hazard affect your family or your neighbourhood.
There is also a legal requirement under most water authority by-laws for backflow prevention to be fitted to all irrigation systems with outlets less than 300mm above ground level.
As well as being a legal requirement the backflow will provide an increased water flow rate to your system when compared to the output from your garden tap.
You will protect your family, gain increased water flow, meet your legal requirements and still retain your tap. Its a win all round!

Dual Check Valve
Domestic Backflow connection kit


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15mm (1/2") Domestic Backflow Connection Kit $57.78 Add to cart
20mm (3/4") Domestic Backflow Connection Kit $59.67 Add to cart
Dual Check Backflow 20mm FF $40.87 $76.73 Add to cart
Dual Check Backflow 25mm FF $46.81 $76.73 Add to cart
20mm Vacuum Breaker for brass taps $16.73 $18.98 Add to cart
25mm Vacuum Breaker for brass taps $58.85 Add to cart
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