Aquaplate Water Tanks - Canberra

Aquaplate Water Tanks available for delivery to Canberra are listed at the bottom of the page. Click on a water tank title for more information on each tank.

aquaplate water tank imageAquaplate Water Tanks are a traditional corrugated style steel tank made from Bluescope AQUAPLATEŽ polymer-coated steel. Aquaplate Water Tanks are idea for bushfire prone areas as they will not catchfire or melt during a fire.

Aquaplate Water Tanks come in a range of sizes in both Slimline and Round (see the below for details). They are available in 3 colours: Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt & Galvanised. Aquaplate Water Tanks are backed by a 10 year warranty on workmanship and 20 year warranty on the material.

Other Water Tank Types

We have other Water Tank options you may wish to consider including our own Slimline Modular Steel Water Tanks (Slimline Colorbond Tanks) and Bladder Tanks (under deck, under house). These are both delivered nationally.

Canberra Rain Water Tank Information

When considering installing a rain water tank in Canberra you need to take into consideration Canberras rainfall. The Bureau of Meteorology Canberra Monthly Climate Statistics provides a good source of information in Canberra's rainfall and climate information. There are also rebates for the installation of rain water tanks in Canberra. Canberra Rain Water Tank Rebate webpage contains information on how to obtain these rebates for installing a rain water tank.

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