Threaded Irrigation Fittings

From poly to brass, check out our range of pipe fittings

Not sure what sort of threaded pipe fitting you need? Hereís a quick rundown of the 4 most popular types:

  • Poly fittings - commonly in low pressure irrigation systems. Itís a relatively soft material.
  • Nyglass fittings - manufactured from (UV Stabilised, Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon) for superior strength with resistance from weather, termite fungi and bacteria.
  • Galvanised fittings - very strong and tough.
  • Brass fittings - used in plumbing jobs .

Threaded pipe fittings are listed in metric (mm) sizes, but they are the same as equivalent imperial (inch) sized fittings, eg 1/8"=6mm, 1/4"=8mm, 3/8"=10mm, 1/2"=15mm, 3/4"=20mm, 1"=25mm, 1 1/4"=32mm, 1 1/2"=40mm.

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